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Authorized Icynene Dealers

Atlas Insulation is one of the authorized and leading dealers of Icynene across all of South Florida.

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A Leader in Insulation Services

Atlas Insulation is one of the leading insulation companies that provide a wide array of services for your residential and commerical properties across South Florida. With over 20 years of construction experience, we’ll provide insulation on your property efficiently and correctly.

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Spray Foam Insulation Bal Harbour

Atlas Insulation Co. understands that society is slowly transitioning from fossil fuels to more diversified and eco-friendly options.  This transition is based on two interlinked concepts – energy conservation and energy efficiency.  The first one is associated with changes in behavior and cultural values while the second is associated with science and technology.  We are helping business owners and homeowners with their energy efficiency needs by providing them with cost-effective insulation Bal Harbour services.

Our Mission

As industry leaders, our mission at Atlas Insulation Co. is to improve comfort, indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and safety South Florida commercial and residential structures.  Overall, our goal is to preserve our energy resources by reducing the impact on our environment.  Furthermore, we continually strive to help customers make well-informed decisions by providing them with knowledge and objective information.  By relying on education, ethics, experience, and science, we can accomplish this.

6 Signs that indicate replacing Your Insulation

Unlike an A/C unit that suddenly starts blowing warm air or a broken hot water heater, the insulation in Bal Harbour won’t stop working for you.  However, over time, it can lose its effectiveness.  Consequently, your home would benefit if you removed and replaced that old insulation.  If you’ve noticed any of the following 6 warning signs, it may be time to call Atlas Insulation Co.:

  • Areas within your home are either too cold or too hot.
  • You have pest problems such as mice and rodents.
  • Your attic, basement, or crawl space insulation has mold on it.
  • Your indoor temperature changes dramatically with the weather.
  • Your insulation is old.
  • Your utility bills are slowly increasing month to month.

We make it easy for you to upgrade your insulation and will handle everything from old insulation removal to the final clean-up.

What are the Benefits of new Insulation?

When your home is properly insulated, you’ll see an increase in your indoor comfort levels and a reduction in your utility bills.  Additionally, your indoor temperatures will remain consistent in every room within the home.  You may be wondering why the old insulation has to be removed before we install new installation.  Isn’t it cheaper to add spray foam insulation in Bal Harbour on top of your old insulation? While you may be thinking this is a great way to cut corners and save money, we don’t recommend it.

If your current insulation has mold issues or there is rodent waste, removing it and replacing it with new spray foam insulation is crucial.  Atlas Insulation Co. will assess the condition of your insulation and replace it if necessary.  Our goal is to ensure that your home is always comfortable and that your insulation is performing to the highest potential possible.  From blown-in insulation in your attic to fiberglass insulation in your walls, we have the insulation solutions in Bal Harbour to accommodate your needs.

6 Types of Insulation

As South Florida’s industry leader insulation services, we offer an extensive range of insulation types including:

  • Icynene insulation – we can insulate your home with Icynene closed cell spray foam and open cell spray foam insulation. This can help with cooling and heating, moisture, and sound control.
  • Open cell spray foam insulation – ideal for fitting in those hard-to-reach areas because of its expanding and flexible qualities.
  • Closed cell spray foam insulation – provides better insulation qualities because it is denser and more stable than open cell spray foam insulation.
  • Fiberglass batts insulation – this is the most common and cost-effective insulation. It can help lower your cooling and heating costs.
  • Fi foil insulation – by reflecting and absorbing heat better, Fi foil insulation keeps your home or office cooler.
  • Rigid board insulation – provides an airtight barrier for your home and is pest and water resistant.

We service the following zip codes in Bal Harbour – 33154. For more information about our services in Bal Harbour, call Atlas Insulation Co. today at (305) 858-3155.

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Our Insulation Types

While offering a wide arrange of insulation services, we also offer a wide arrange of insulation types to best fit your property.

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