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Authorized Icynene Dealers

Atlas Insulation is one of the authorized and leading dealers of Icynene across all of South Florida.

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A Leader in Insulation Services

Atlas Insulation is one of the leading insulation companies that provide a wide array of services for your residential and commerical properties across South Florida. With over 20 years of construction experience, we’ll provide insulation on your property efficiently and correctly.

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Spray Foam Insulation Homestead

Since our business years ago, we have been providing the best service to residents and businesses in Florida. With competitive prices, our company has a proven reputation for placing the best insulation into your walls and ceilings.

Why are we successful? Our success is based on the fact that we are committed to providing our clients with the best products on the market to our customers who are either home owners or business owners. We are also dedicated to making sure that your home or business is energy efficient and that saves you money in heating and cooling too.

Insulation Services in Homestead

We know that everyone has a budget and you want to stick to that budget whether it is for your business or your home. There are several factors that we consider before we accept a job. This includes the construction of the home or business, the materials used previously, and the room which requires the new insulation installation. Determining these factors will help us in determining what insulation will work best for you. Some choices we commonly use include:

  • Closed cell spray foam insulation – This type of insulation is used in more dense locations. When this spray foam goes on the surface, it forms a barrier that will protect the inside from heat, mold, moisture, and even noise pollution. It also helps to enhance and strengthen the structure of the property.
  • Fi foil insulation – With this type of insulation, it provides a barrier which probably reflects the heat in the summer and keeps the inside warm in the winter. It is quick to install and it is a good choice for a number of properties.
  • Icynene spray foam insulation – This type of foam is great for closed cells and open cell insulation. It can certainly help to lower the utility bills and keep your home or office at comfortable temps throughout the year.
  • Fiberglass batts insulation – This type of insulation is the least expensive and common kind of insulation chosen for both home and commercial properties. When installing this type of insulation, you have a choice to buy it by the rolls or have it blown in. Either choice will provide you with a tight seal that will keep air out in the winter and help to cool in the summer.
  • Open cell spray foam insulation – This type of insulation is preferred when you have tight spaces that are difficult to reach with other insulation. All areas of your commercial or residential space needs to be covered in order to form a consistent barrier and this type of insulation can help with this. Once up, the space will stay a consistent temperature throughout the rooms.
  • Rigid board insulation – This type of insulation is great for ceilings and walls. It is not only durable but it also keeps pests out of places like basements, attics, and crawl spaces.

Our reputation speaks for itself and people quickly recognize that we provide professional services and have a reputation for doing so.

Working with Atlas Insulation Co.

We know that you can go anywhere for your insulation needs but we know that you won’t be disappointed with the customer service experience through us. Here are four factors that you need to consider when looking for a professional company to install your insulation for you.

  • Customer service is always important to use. We understand the requirements you have; we also understand the long-term extent of placing the right product in your walls.
  • Reputation is another important factor. That’s why we bring more than twenty years of experience and are listed as one of top services for all insulation requirements in Florida.
  • Knowledge of the industry – we know our insulation and the different types to offer our customers.
  • Respect for your home or office – while we are at your home or office, you can be sure that we don’t leave a mess in your home for you to clean up. We pride ourselves on taking care of the customer from the very beginning.

We service the following zip codes in Homestead-33030, 33033, 33035, 33090. Call us at (305) 858-3155 today and learn how you can be saving money on your heating and cooling bills each month. Our business representatives are available for your assistance.

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While offering a wide arrange of insulation services, we also offer a wide arrange of insulation types to best fit your property.

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