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Authorized Icynene Dealers

Atlas Insulation is one of the authorized and leading dealers of Icynene across all of South Florida.

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Atlas Insulation is one of the leading insulation companies that provide a wide array of services for your residential and commerical properties across South Florida. With over 20 years of construction experience, we’ll provide insulation on your property efficiently and correctly.

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Spray Foam Insulation Palmetto Bay

Insulation sometimes needs to be replaced in homes or businesses. While the insulation is long term, it can eventually wear down over time, making it difficult to maintain a steady temperature in the room or the building. Today’s insulation is more eco-friendly and helps the homeowner save money on costs to heat or cool the home year around.

What hire our Insulation Company?

If you are considering replacing your insulation, you will want to hire a professional who can do the job for you, like Atlas Insulation Co. Many insulation companies will promise to get you the right insulation in your home or office but don’t follow through on it, giving you an expense and still leaving you with the same issue. Here are four things that you should consider when hiring an insulation company.

  • What experience does the company have? With experience comes confidence and you need someone who is confident on what you need. Find out how long they have been in business and ask for reference and actually check them out.
  • How experienced are they with different varieties of insulation they are offering? After talking with them, are you confident in their ability to give you the right deal?
  • It’s your home or business and the property should be respected at all times and in addition, so should the people who occupy that home or business. If your technicians are not respectful, chances are the job will not be done right.
  • Customer service is great. You need someone you can communicate with throughout this process. Do they work hard to form a relationship with you long term? Or do they just want to get the job done and get out of there? Customer service is great and you are paying a lot for this improvement so you deserve great customer service too.

Types of Insulation

Atlas Insulation Co. are experienced in working with six different types of insulation for your home or your business. These types include

  • Closed cell spray foam insulation – while this type of insulation is denser, it can create a barrier to keep out any mold and bacteria that can slowly invade indoors.
  • Open cell spray foam insulation – this type of insulation can be sprayed on directly to the wood and then it immediately starts to expand. When it expands, it can cover the hard-to-reach places.
  • Fi-Foil Insulation – This type of insulation reflects the sun in the summer time and absorbs it in the winter to help maintain your indoor temperature.
  • Fiberglass batts insulation – this type of insulation is most cost-effective for residential and commercial. It is available in rolls or it can be blown in for difficult to reach places.
  • Icynene insulation – this type of insulation is ideal because it offers both closed and open celled insulation
  • Rigid board insulation – this type of insulation is durable and is great to use in walls and ceilings. It’s great for attics or basements too.

If you would like more information on insulation or have questions you would like answers to, Atlas Insulation Co. is here to help. We service the following zip codes in Palmetto Bay – 33157, 33158, 33176, 33257. Give us a call at (305) 858-3155 and let one of our Palmetto Bay representatives schedule an appointment. One of our professionals will come to your home or business and talk about your insulation issues and needs.

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While offering a wide arrange of insulation services, we also offer a wide arrange of insulation types to best fit your property.

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