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Authorized Icynene Dealers

Atlas Insulation is one of the authorized and leading dealers of Icynene across all of South Florida.

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A Leader in Insulation Services

Atlas Insulation is one of the leading insulation companies that provide a wide array of services for your residential and commerical properties across South Florida. With over 20 years of construction experience, we’ll provide insulation on your property efficiently and correctly.

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Professional Insulation Company in Pinecrest

If you live in South Florida, you understand the importance of having the proper insulation. In our subtropical climate, the lack of insulation means that you are losing money each month on your energy bills. It also means that you are inviting unwanted humidity into your home. Getting the best insulation is one of the things you can do to ensure that your home (and your energy costs!) are protected.

With over twenty years of combined experience, the experts at Atlas Insulation have you covered. With both residential and commercial services, we can provide insulation solutions such as

  • Open cell spray foam insulation
  • Closed cell spray foam insulation
  • Icynene spray foam in Pinecrest, FL
  • Fi Foil
  • Rigid Board
  • Batts insulation

Whatever type of insulation you may be looking for, Atlas Insulation has just the material and installation that will fit your home, business and budget. With our reputation for professionalism and our commitment to customer service, we are the ones to turn to for any of your residential or commercial insulation needs.

What is R-Value?

Your insulation is measured in R-value. This is its resistance to conductive heat flow, or thermal resistance. The higher the R-value, the more resistant the material is and the more insulating it is. The R-value will depend on the material, the thickness of the application and the density. The R-value can also depend on the correct installation. Only hire a seasoned insulation professional to install your insulation to ensure that you are getting the coverage you need.

Energy Efficiency

Proper insulation means savings for you when it comes to energy bills. Properly insulating your home, in particular your attic insulation in Pinecrest, can mean hundreds of dollars in savings in energy costs each year. In some cases, it can reduce your energy consumption by 20 to 30 percent. Not only will it make vast improvements in your overall energy consumption but it can cut down on noise. This can make your home a quieter and more peaceful living space.

Spray Foam Insulation in Pinecrest

Spray foam insulation is one of the most effective and least expensive insulation materials today. Made by mixing both polyurethane and isocyanate, this type of insulation can expand into tight areas and create an air-tight seal before fully hardening. This is effective in keeping conditioned air inside and keeping moisture outside. The installation of spray foam insulation in Pinecrest can provide one of the best insulation seals possible on the market.

At Atlas Insulation, we are an authorized dealer of Icynene spray foam throughout South Florida.

Batts Insulation

Batts insulation is a type of fiberglass insulation and  another cost-effective option that can be either blown into walls and attics or also applied in rolls. Properly installed, batts insulation is an excellent choice to fill gaps and crevices and create a tight seal to keep your property well-insulated.

Fi Foil Insulation

Fi Foil is a radiant barrier form of insulation which is an excellent and cost-effective way of insulating your property. Because the majority of heat will enter or escape through your roof, Fi Foil reflects heat instead of absorbing it. It also contains heat in the winter for those cool nights that we sometimes get in South Florida.

Rigid Board Insulation

Rigid board insulation comes in dense foam boards that are measured to fit your unique space and not only offer superb insulation in Pinecrest but also is ideal for its pest-resistant properties.

Your Local Professionals

At Atlas Insulation, we are proud of our reputation as a local leader in insulation services in Pinecrest and throughout South Florida. Let us show you how the proper insulation installation can cut down on your energy costs and reduce mold and mildew in your home. Call us today at (305) 858-3155. We service the following zip codes in Pinecrest: 33156.

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While offering a wide arrange of insulation services, we also offer a wide arrange of insulation types to best fit your property.

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