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Authorized Icynene Dealers

Atlas Insulation is one of the authorized and leading dealers of Icynene across all of South Florida.

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Atlas Insulation is one of the leading insulation companies that provide a wide array of services for your residential and commerical properties across South Florida. With over 20 years of construction experience, we’ll provide insulation on your property efficiently and correctly.

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Spray Foam Insulation Plantation

Have you noticed your utility expenses going up? This is because Florida’s tropical climate is hard on homes and can damage insulation. Damaged insulation is less effective and can cost a homeowner or business owner quite a bit of money. In fact, one third of the cool air lost in a home is due to the cool air escaping through the walls, floor and roof.

Atlas Insulation Co. has a solution for this problem. If you’re in the Plantation area, contact us to find out what solutions we can provide you to help you reduce loss of cooling from various parts of your home or business. A call to us costs you nothing. Neither does the assessment of your building. And we have the skills to provide you with practical advice on quality insulation installation, to create a more comfortable and healthier environment for your patrons, employees or family members.

Where is the Air Loss in Your Home or Work?

Poor insulation costs money and often people don’t realize how much money they’re losing through heat loss in the winter and cooler air loss in the summer. Here’s a breakdown of how much air can escape from some common areas that quickly lose the effectiveness of their insulation.

  • Walls – 25%
  • Windows – 10%
  • Doors and drafts – 10%
  • Floors – 10%
  • Roof – 45%

Add all those numbers up and if the insulation in your building is poor in all those areas, then you’re basically having money seep out of your building. Atlas Insulation Co. has more than 20 years of experience in the insulation industry. We strive for 100% satisfaction and have successfully provided that, and more, to hundreds of satisfied customers.

Energy And Ecological Benefits

Are you still not convinced to check out your insulation to see if it’s still doing the job, it should be doing? Do you think your heating and cooling costs are manageable? They might be, but they could be a whole lot more affordable if you have the proper insulation. Replacing old, worn-out insulation provides multiple benefits such as:

  • Home protected from mold, allergens, and pests
  • Is more eco-friendly
  • reduces energy consumption
  • A/C unit gets a break
  • stops cool air from leaking
  • prevents heat from filtering in
  • lowers your monthly utility costs

What You Should Look For in an Insulation Provider

At Atlas Insulation Co., we want you to compare us to other insulation providers. If you’re in the Plantation area, be sure to check out our competition. You will soon find that many of those companies don’t keep the promises they make. We do each and every time. When you hire an insulation company, or are doing research into which one to hire, we want you to look at the following qualities:

  • Their knowledge of insulation types
  • Their industry experiences
  • Quality of customer service offered

We’ve discovered in our more than 20 years in the business that many insulation companies don’t respect for your home and property so they do not do a complete home and property clean up after a job. Additionally, Atlas Insulation Co. offers the following types of insulation to Plantation customers:

  • Fiberglass batts insulation services
  • Open cell spray foam insulation services
  • Rigid board insulation services
  • Closed cell spray foam insulation services
  • Fi foil insulation services
  • Icynene spray foam insulation services

We service the following zip codes in Plantation – 33313, 33317, 33318, 33322, 33323, 33324, 33325, 33329, 33336, 33337, 33388. If you need more information about the type of insulation your home or office needs, call us at (305) 858-3155 today.

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While offering a wide arrange of insulation services, we also offer a wide arrange of insulation types to best fit your property.

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